A WASHABLE furnace filter that improves your indoor air quality and saves you money

Best for health

  • Turns home or office into a high quality air purifier
  • Our MERV15 filters remove >90% of all allergens, twice MERV11 and ten times MERV8 filters!
  • Benefits for those with: Asthma, Allergies, Hay Fever and others.

Best value for money

  • One filter lasts 3+ years replacing average of 6 standard disposable filters.
  • Low pressure drop means, filter will not harm furnace fan
  • Cost of shipping included in price within Canada

Best for the planet

  • No more disposable filters going into landfills and polluting our planet.
  • Made of 100% recyclable plastics, even the media is recyclable!
  • Easy to wash! See washing instructions at bottom of Shop Filters tab

Particles / Litre

Your indoor air quality target should be:
PM2.5: 0-5 ug/m3
0-125 particles / litre


Particles / Litre


Air quality level

London, On

Serving North America

polluted sky gas mask
Fine Particulate Matter in the air we breathe. Air pollution ranks behind only high blood pressure, diet and smoking as the fourth leading cause of death worldwide. Our MERV15 washable furnace filters remove >90% of PM2.5.
PM2.5 is dangerous to all who breathe
The most harmful component of air pollution is something called PM2.5. PM2.5 is fine particulate matter that is small enough to pass through the lungs into the bloodstream where it causes many negative health effects. PM2.5 in the air you breathe may not be from nearby as it has the ability to stay airborne for days and weeks so can come from almost anywhere.

Learn more about the air you breathe and how our washable furnace filters will significantly reduce your average exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and allergens over the long term. Consider the health benefits of using breatheCLEAN's furnace filter in your home.

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