Three people in my household have asthma and allergies all to varying degrees and all react differently to different triggers and allergens. It has been a life long issue with asthma attacks, hospitalizations and ongoing doctor visits. Consistently rescue inhalers have been used along with eye-drops and decongestants to deal with responses. But then I became aware of the role fine particulate matter plays in our health. It is a result of air pollution and it is literally everywhere on earth in varying amounts but much higher than it should be everywhere, and it is almost always 2x worse inside a house. So I thought I would start breatheCLEAN and design and supply high performance filters that fit in your furnace filter slot (4″ only). Within a week of putting in the first test filter in September 2016 the use of rescue inhalers, decongestants and eye-drops entirely stopped.

So we decided to make lots of filters and make them available on our website to anyone else who wants to make breathing easier at home where they spend the most time.

Air pollution has long been associated with many chronic illness and diseases and the culprit is fine particulate matter (PM2.5). This pollutant enters the lungs and blood unencumbered where it contributes to many illnesses which lead to lower quality of life. Some researched and understood disease links include: heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, lung cancer, cancer, chronic allergies, asthma, COPD, dementia, alzheimers and even depression.

Fine particulate matter is a part of the entire climate change phenomenon. It is everywhere and it is more concentrated in your own home than the outdoors whether you live in Beijing or Toronto.

The only defense you have from this pollutant is your air filtration system and ONLY MERV15 and higher remove a material amount of it. That is why the breatheCLEAN filter is by far the best option for your long term health.

BreatheCLEAN furnace filter media has nanofibers embedded into the fabric of the media which allows air to move through freely but keeps pore sizes so small fine particulate cannot get through.