IAPs are an option for those wishing to battle PM2.5 and is the only option if your home does not have a forced air system. Understanding what an IAP actually does and costs is important when you have a choice between IAPs and our breatheCLEAN premium air filters.

Understanding IAP financial costs

IAPs draw room air in and pass it through a filter system thus removing air particles and impurities. There are 3 financial costs to consider:


purchase price


filter replacement (per change)


(@ $0.13/kw)


Total Annual Cost (USD)
* assumes 3 year life, operates 24/7, one filter change per year

Non-financial Costs

Noisy Indoor air purifiers
Noise generation running the unit is significant as it must be operated on High to achieve performance.
Filters must be changed regularly and disposed of.
Once equipment life is over, the unit must be disposed of into landfill
The manufacturing of IAPs and the electricity needed to operate them creates greenhouse gases (GHG).


In order for an IAP to provide a material level of performance there must be one for each room, it must operate on high. After turning a unit off PM2.5 concentration will increase.
An IAP acts to filter out particles in one spot in one room. Meanwhile your furnace is constantly redistributing particles.

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