BreatheCLEAN furnace filters and sensors are a great solution for every residential and commercial building with indoor air quality problems.  Clean air inside buildings improves your health and value proposition to residents, customers and employees in whatever type of building you have.  Ask us about our ability to extend our filter technology to your building and how we can deliver clean air to your building turnkey.

Apartment Building Owners

Apartment/Condo Managers

  • Higher value add for tenants
  • Clean air throughout building
  • Higher occupancy rates
  • Lower turnover rates due to clean air factor.
  • Lower cleaning costs of all materials and all surfaces.
  • Less fouling of fan housings, ductwork, grilles, etc.
  • No filter disposal costs
Hotel Owners


  • Distinct marketing advantage
  • Higher occupancy rates
  • Increased and caring reputation.
  • Lower cleaning costs, no pollution based decolouring of materials
  • NO entry of pollens or viruses reducing risk from airborne health issues.
  • No filter disposal costs
Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Property Managers

  • Increased traffic potential from people preferring clean air.
  • A possible branding opportunity to increase awareness.
  • Creates positive sustainability and quality image.
  • Increased wellness of labour/staff (fewer sick days)

Schools and Libraries

  • Reduced PM exposure to children and staff
  • A safer environment for students to learn in.
  • Increased wellness, fewer sick days
  • Improved learning
  • No outside viruses or pollens can enter
Government Buildings


  • Lower health care costs
  • Increased productivity of labour force
  • Improved quality of life
  • Outside air quality is improved as each building acts as an air pollution treatment station.


  • Lower health care costs
  • Cleaner air, remove all allergens
  • Improved quality of life
  • Significantly improve long term health outlook.
  • Lower filter costs.